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To authors: The contents of this page are intended to help advance undergraduate and graduate students to prepare for selected advance courses in computer science and mathematics. The idea is to aggregate resources (assignments, exam models, information sheets, etc) in one easy to access place. This idea occurred to me while taking these courses and noticing the difficulty in finding good resources to help me prepare and succeed in my studies. Hence, while taking this courses I made sure I compiled my solutions to assignments and exams (or any other useful information), usually in LaTex, so as to make it readily available for others. In addition, I might add some other resources not written by me but extremely useful when preparing for an exam or assignment.

I pay careful attention to provide credit for material that is not my own to their proper authors. If by any chance you find that I have failed to do so, my apologies, and please do email me at so that I can correct my mistake immediately (please provide your name as you want it to appear and a link to your website if one is available). If, on the contrary, you feel offended for a material that you have written and that is published here, again I sincerely apologize and kindly ask you to email me at so that I can remove any such material immediately. It is not my intention to claim credit for something I have not done, but simply to provide a central location for the effective dissemination of information for math and computer science at the advance undergraduate and graduate level.

To students: For students using this material, please note that almost all solutions provided are of my creation and as such, these may be wrong in more than one occasion. I provide no guarantee for this material and you use it at your own risk. If you find any errors please email me at so that I can correct it or leave a comment in the page containing the error, if possible. I hope you find these materials useful in your education.

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