Hardware System Design II

Category: Computer Science Published: Monday, 25 May 2015

This is a graduate level course being offered at Indiana University as part of the foundational requirements for MS/PhD. I took this course on Spring 2013 with Computer Engineering Specialist Bryce Himebaugh. This class is mainly practical with labs almost every week and a project at the end. All labs were designed by Bryce.

The following is a compilation of my solutions to assignments given in class. You may also want to downloads the Drivers.



Project: Rover

The main goal of this class was to use the tools developed in the labs to construct a project. The project was built in teams, in my case I worked with Sajith Sasidharan. We worked on a Rover (a small car) that could be (1) remotely controlled via cellphone and that could (2) automatically stop before hitting a wall or another obstacle. To accomplished the second goal, we used a sonar to detect how close to an obstacle the rover was and forcefully stop it. The following files contain all the project's documentation and software. It is interesting to note that goal (1) implied that the Rover could be controlled from virtually anywhere (i.e., anywhere with Internet connection) since we coded a small server to interface between the cellphone and the rover. 

  1. Technical Profile
  2. Progress Report 1
  3. Progress Report 2
  4. Progress Report 3
  5. Progress Report 4
  6. Presentation
  7. Timeline
  8. Entire Project Code [.zip ~37MB]

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