SGL (Legal Management System)

Category: Projects Published: Sunday, 24 May 2015

About the project


SGL (Sistema de Gestión Legal, (Web Page no longer active!) is an initiative I started to provide a web-based platform to organize and manage law firms.

Sistema de Gestión Legal (SGL) seeks to be a comprehensive web-based platform to help small to mid-sized law firms organize and manage their daily activities. Concretely, SGL is an out-of-the-box solution to the most common issues faced by law professionals in less technologically developed places.

SGL is divided intuitively into five modules, i.e., clients, lawyers, cases, laws and users. The clients’ module manages all the information and operations related to the clients of the law firm. The lawyers’ module does the same for each individual lawyer in the firm. The cases’ module ties together the clients’ and lawyers’ modules and can be considered as the heart of the system.The law module serves as a library of common law for consultation purposes while the users’ module defines who have access to the system.

SGL will keep delicate information about cases and notify via email both lawyers and clients about any new development, e.g., court rule, change in a relevant law, etc. Additionally, the system will automatically calculate important court meeting dates and properly inform lawyers so that they do not miss an important deadline.

You can also check out the GitHub Repository for this project.

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