Advanced Database Concepts

Category: Computer Science Published: Saturday, 23 May 2015

This is a graduate level course being offered at Indiana University as an optional part of the requirements for MS/PhD. I took this course on Fall 2011 with Prof. Yuqing Melanie Wu. In this course we used the following book: Database Management Systems, 3rd Edition. I recommend this book as it is a decent textbook to get you to start thinking about Databases as an integral part of modern Computer Systems and an interesting subject of study on its own.

The following is a compilation of my solutions to assignments given in class.


More Resources

  1. MidTerm Information Sheet
  2. Final Exam Information Sheet
  3. MidTerm Review written by Mo Zhou
  4. MidTerm 2011 Solutions
  5. Final Exam 2004
  6. Final Exam 2003
  7. Final Exam 2001
  8. Final Exam 2000

Project: B-Town Properties

In this course students are required to form teams and work in a project. This typically means building a dynamic website throughout the duration of the semester. In my case, my team (one of the team members was Jay Mercer) and I built a site called B-Town properties, and the project scope was the following: "BTown Properties is a web-based system where members and visitors can search the system’s database for other members’ properties. Only a member is allowed to contact another member to set meeting times to see a property. The system will allow members to upload information regarding their properties, maintain watch lists of properties and property features, and write reviews about other members’ properties. Other features, such as social networking, may be added if time permits." Here are some files related to this project:

  1. Group 13 - Milestone 1
  2. Group 13 - Milestone 2
  3. Group 13 - Milestone 3
  4. Group 13 - Milestone 3 - Presentation
  5. BTown Properties App, written in PHP using Zend Framework

You can also check out the GitHub Repository for this project.

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